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Axamer Lizum - Austria

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07-10 Dec
Tickets 95% Sold Out
Sold Out
10-13 Dec
Village | Chalet | Clubhouse
Tickets 95% Sold Out
Sold Out
14-17 Dec
LMU, HM, Passau, FAU
Tickets 95% Sold Out
Sold Out
17-20 Dec
Village | Chalet | Clubhouse
Tickets 95% Sold Out
Sold Out

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Hoadl Rave
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Apres Ski
Mountain Yoga

day specials

Same for all hotels. Night specials unique to hotels.

day specials

Same for all hotels. Night specials unique to hotels.
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Hotel Olympia, axamer lizum
Hotel Specials
Night Specials
Disco & Skigaudi Club
3 Stages
Group Dorms
Dinner Buffet
Daily Apres Skis
251€ + 132€ (4 day Ski Pass)


edelweiss,  Götzens
Hotel Specials
Night Specials
Pool & Sauna
2 Nights Partner Bars
Group Apartments
1 Night Club Shuttle
Dinner Buffet
Innsbruck Trip
279€ + 132€ (4 day Ski Pass)


Mondi, axams
Hotel Specials
Night Specials
Pool & Sauna
Noon Yoga & Wellness
Premium Rooms
1 Night Club Shuttle
À La Carte Menu
Innsbruck Trip
294€ + 132€ (4 day Ski Pass)

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When is the official ticket drop?

The big ticket drop with many capacities will only take place on Sunday 29.10.2023 at 18:00. First come, first serve, but this year we have plenty more capacities for you in the hotels.

The tickets are always gone so quickly, I don't stand a chance anyway?

You do, if you are there at 18:00 on Sun. 29.10.23 you have a good chance, because we have much more capacity cleared for you this year. It is still first come, first serve!

When do the buses depart from in Munich?

06:30 am in the morning of the first event date at Königsplatz, Munich

When do the buses depart from Nuremberg and Passau?

At all Skigaudis there will be busses from Munich, but at the Skigaudi 14.-17. Dez. there will be additional busses from Nuremberg and Passau, which will depart at around 04:30 am on the 14.12.23.

What is the difference between the hotels?

Clubhouse (Hang with your friends in a bar or chill in the sauna) and Chalet (Wellness & Yoga in the afternoon) have premium rooms, are located 10 min away with a free Skigaudi Shuttle and the Village has standard rooms, all night Party, Challenges and direct access to the slopes.

Will there be a shuttle from the hotel Edelweiss (Clubhouse) and Mondi (Chalet) to the party and back?

Yes, there will be a free shuttle at one night to the club and the bus will go back to the hotels at 1:30 am. We are still working on a cheap taxi solution for party people to reach the club always.

How much are the tickets?

We have 3 different Hotels the Village costs 251€, Clubhouse costs 279€, Chalet costs 294€ for Hotel including half pension, bus transfer, the whole 4-day festival experience with 4 stages, challenges etc. + 4-day ski pass is 132€.

Is breakfast or buffet included in the evening?

Yes, half pension with breakfast and dinner is included in the ticket price.

How many tickets can I buy at the same time?

You can buy 4 tickets at once. Make sure to have name, email and phone number of those people ready.

As an LMU student, can I also travel to Skigaudi TUM and the others?

Anyone with Good Vibes can participate anywhere.

Is there a minimum age?

Yes, the minimum age is 18 years.

Can I refund my ticket?

The best and cheapest way is to find another person to pass it to, because while refunding depending on the time in advance before the event we have to keep fees from our partners, which we can not refund. Have a look in our Terms & Conditions what this means in detail.

How can I resell my ticket or give it to a friend?

From mid to late November you can easily resell your ticket via our new app. More information will follow very soon when the app is released.

How do I get into a room with my group of friends?

Room hashtags can be selected in our new app from mid to late November. If you and everyone in your friend group choose the same hashtags, then you will automatically be put into the same rooms at the hotel.

Where can I download the app?

Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Can I participate if Iam not a student or from another university?

Yes, you can also participate. The only requirement is, that you should bring good vibes and be nice to other people.

Can I rent ski/ snowboard equipment?

Yes you can rent equipment through the hotel via a form in the App (when it is available). The payment and delivery of the rented equipment will be in the hotel after arrival.

I can't ski/ snowboard. Can I still participate?

Yes, you can. There will be additional paid beginner skiing courses in partnership with the local skiing schools. You can register through the App.

Are there Ski/ Snowboard courses? Do they cost something?

Yes, there will be additional paid skiing courses in partnership with the local skiing schools. You can register through the App.