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Next up

Spring Gaudi Day-Trip 31.03.23


What can you expect at Spring Gaudi?

🚌 06:30 Bus departure in Munich
⛷ 09:15 Arrival in Axamer Lizum
🧘 10:15 Mountain Top Yoga
🍽 12:00 Lunch @Hoadlhaus
🕺 13:30 Cliff Rave
🎉 15:00 Extra-long Sundowner Hoadlrave at 2340m ⁃ just for us the Hoadlhaus will be open till 6 pm. 
🍽 17:00 Skigaudi exclusive dinner @Hoadlhaus
🔥 18:00 Goodbye with bonfire on top of the mountain and collective skiing down the "Damenabfahrt". Only for us the slope has opened longer!
🚌 19:15 Bus back to Munich 

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Skigaudi 2022

Hoadl Rave

Dec 17, 2022
Dec 17, 2022
Axamer Lizum, AT
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Skigaudi 2022

United Gaudi

Dec 9, 2022
Dec 12, 2022
Axamer Lizum, AT
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Skigaudi 2022


Dec 14, 2022
Dec 17, 2022
Axamer Lizum, AT
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Skigaudi 2022

LMU, FAU, Passau

Dec 17, 2022
Dec 20, 2022
Axamer Lizum, AT
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Ticket categories

Due to requests, we added two new ticket options without bus transfer and ski pass, especially for party people based in Innsbruck and from far away.

Full access - Gaudi Pass


Incl. bus transfer from / to Munich, skiing pass & festival access

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Showing the skiing resort Axamer Lizum near Innsbruck in Winter with a nice wide view on the mountains.

Self travel - Gaudi Pass


Incl. skiing pass & festival access, excl. bus transfer from / to Munich 

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Showing the Hoadlhaus in Axamer Lizum and a crowd dancing to music.

Festival only - Gaudi Pass


Incl. festival access, excl. bus transfer & skiing pass

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About Skigaudi


What it is all about...



The Skigaudi Community is built upon a spirit of adventure, creativity and tolerance. Each year, the most outstanding performances in these disciplines are crowned with the spirit award. Some say, we are the future leaders in a global economy – at the Skigaudi we just want to be Skihaserl and Gaudiburschen!


Self-Exploration & Self-Development

We believe that every person has great talents and motivations which want to be discovered and developed. At the Skigaudi we offer community skiing lessons, yoga and skitouring workshops and other learning experiences to feed your inner philomath.



Having a good time in the mountains is exactly what it sounds like – having a freaking good time in the mountains! Even better with friends and a whole bunch of gnarly fellow students and young professionals to accompany and meet along the trip.


Respect & Environmental Responsibility

We know that it isn’t easy to combine skiing & environmental responsibility. We still try hard to have the lowest ecological footprint as possible and negotiate regional food into the hotels we work with. Respect for all human beings is the core of a trip like that.


Easy travel – Music & Good Vibes

Nobody wants to pay ridiculous amounts of money for a skiing vacation. That’s why the Skigaudi Crew gets you the best deals with a „Rundumsorglos-Paket” – hotel, bus travel, events, app, tunes, skiing lessons and much more in one ticket.


Ski fuaaaahn

It wouldn’t be called Skigaudi if it wasn’t about skiing (or snowboarding in that matter) and a huge Gaudi (bavarian word for a very fun time). So that’s it – no matter if you take the lift, hike up the hill, ride one, two or more sticks, if you are a beginner, intermediate or pro. The Skigaudi is your place to ski!

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10+ years of Skigaudi
since 2011

“...Skigaudi – makes life gnarly again. Every year before christmas the Skigaudi Crew invites all Skihaserl and Gaudiburschen to join a travel tour full of good vibes and companionship far up in the white mountains. Skigaudi – is an unique & gnarly mountain experience.[...] Ski you soon at Skigaudi.”
Hütt`n Sepp, July '21

Our brave partners


What is in the Skigaudi 2022 ticket included?

Skigaudi 2022 Pass includes

🏨 4 days accommodation in our Skigaudi Hotel

🍝 Breakfast & dinner (buffet)

🍾 Innovative party concepts - Disco, Skigaudi Wonderland Apreski Stage, Relaxing Rooms, Sauna and fireplace DJs

🚌 4- Bus transfer from and to Munich - CO2 compensated

🏆 Participation in legendary SkigaudiLYMPICS (competition with awesome prizes, e.g. downhill race, Insta-Challenge,...)

🗻 Workshops with our partners & Mountaintop YOGA at 2340m a.s.l.

☕ Free Glowine at "Glowwine & Bunfire Night"

🎿 Special deals for rentals in the Hotel

⛷ Skiing lessons and Ski-Touring Courses on demand with special deals - BEGINNERS WELCOME

📱Brandnew Skigaudi App to connect with participants and latest event updates

✨ aaaand much more fun

☝ Student-friendly price:

Bus (from Munich), Hotel and Gaudi only € 247

excl. Skiing Ticket (special price through the SKIGAUDI COMMUNITY - €140 for 4 days).

How can I resell my ticket or give it to a friend?

From mid to late November you can easily resell your ticket via our new app. More information will follow very soon when the app is released.

Can I refund my ticket?

The best and cheapest way is to find another person to pass it to, because while refunding depending on the time in advance before the event we have to keep fees from our partners, which we can not refund. Have a look in our Terms & Conditions what this means in detail.

Are there Ski/ Snowboard courses? Do they cost something?

Yes, there will be additional paid skiing courses in partnership with the local skiing schools. You can register through the App.

Can I participate if Iam not a student or from another university?

Yes, you can also participate. The only requirement is, that you should bring good vibes and be nice to other people.

Can I rent ski/ snowboard equipment?

Yes you can rent equipment through the hotel via a form in the App (when it is available). The payment and delivery of the rented equipment will be in the hotel after arrival.

I can't ski/ snowboard. Can I still participate?

Yes, you can. There will be additional paid beginner skiing courses in partnership with the local skiing schools. You can register through the App.

Where can I download the app?

There will be a new app for this year. It is still under development. We will notify you as soon as it is ready.

How do I get into a room with my group of friends?

Room hashtags can be selected in our new app from mid to late November. If you and everyone in your friend group choose the same hashtags, then you will automatically be put into the same rooms at the hotel.